We like to look at the brighter side of life on film

We also love to tell heart-centered filmed stories which touch, move and engage your audience in a positive and inspired way. Specialising in inspiring stories about real people to engage new kind of ethical, socially conscious audience.


Digital TV content and documentaries and videos which reflect your purpose authentically and without sensationalism, dramatisation or manipulation.


Drop us an email and let’s arrange to have a chat and take it from there. We look forward to meeting you and supporting change makers with passion.


About Riffi 

I come from mainstream UK television with 15 years as producer and director making a variety of TV shows. From prime-time documentaries to studio shows and popular entertainment programmes for ITV and Channel 4 including Hell’s Kitchen, Come Dine With Me and I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here, Weddings from Hell, Pride of Britain Awards and many more.


I love traveling, and have been fortunate enough to launch popular ITV and C4 television formats around the world, from Canada and Poland to Cyprus, the Netherlands, South Africa and Latvia.

“Stand tall, Rise above it and always look to the light.”


I love people and fell in love with stories at a young age. For me, TV is about telling stories, revealing layers about who we are, in a creative engaging way.


I set up Sunflower Productions, to begin telling the stories with depth which will make us feel better. To tell Inspiring Stories that look at the brighter side of life or have a positive angle.


Whether you’re a person hit by an unexpected crisis in life and might benefit from watching a story that gives hope, or you’re a business or organisation who wants to tell your narrative authentically, a with positive edge – you’re in the right place.

Other things I do

In my spare time, I write lesson plans for teenagers at school as Head of Communication for the Big Life Project Company, helping youngsters to speak up and enjoy successful conversations at work, home and school.


I give back where I can, particularly children’s charity’s and women’s initiatives about Speaking Up. I’m on the Advisory Board for Prospero World, a charity supporting global arts and culture and have made films for CARE Pakistan and more recently Children of the Mekong charities.


Somewhere along the line, I picked up a BSc. Economics (Government & Law). from the London School of Economics and Political Science.


To find out more about my TV work cick here www.riffimedia.com

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