Workshop: Empower your daughter with confidence and self-esteem

  • September 14, 2019
    10:00 am - 1:00 pm


“How do I stand in my power and my truth, when I’m different and feel alone?”

Today the world is a very different place. Our young people have so many more pressures to deal with. It’s a fast, digital and online world where many can struggle.


At Sunflower Productions, we understand this new world and having worked with young people for a number of years have designed support structures, training and guidance ways to support the women of future to stand in their power, now.


We offer bespoke workshops designed around the specific confidence and self-esteem issues faced by young women.


To make your workshop bespoke, please select 2 out of the three options below that best meet the needs you want addressed first.



Option 1 – Confidence and Self Esteem

  • How to feel great, even if you feel you don’t fit in
  • Learn how to trust yourself, and others
  • How to handle your tears and your tantrums with emotional maturity
  • What to do when friendships go wrong
  • How to have healthy relationships


Option 2 – Dealing with Anxiety

  • How to manage anxiety
  • Deal positively with any body image
  • Develop a healthy social media relationship
  • Learn how not to compare yourself and deal with jealousy
  • How you can say no and still feel great
  • What to do to avoid all that peer pressure


Option 3 – Self-Love & Self-Care

  • Know how to love and accept exactly who you are
  • How you can be different and celebrate it
  • Develop the self-love for yourself as a unique individual
  • Learn how to feel great for the person you are
  • How you can navigate life when you are different



Who are our workshops and one-to-one sessions for?

We welcome young women between the ages of 13-19 to our bespoke workshops. Our groups are kept deliberately small of no more than 10 attendees, this allows us to work deeply with each attendee to ensure they leave feeling empowered. These tend to be intense emotional encounters so we request all attendees to deal with all issues raised with complete confidentially, in return we offer complete confidentially and never share what was discussed inside the workshop with anyone!


How often do we run these workshops?

We run the group workshops 3 -4 times a year, during school and university holidays or half term. Private sessions can be booked all year depending on availability.


Where are the group workshops run?

These workshops are run in London and in schools and universities under pastoral care. We can travel further too.


How long are the group workshops ?

Our workshops run for 3 hours. We start at 10am and end by 1pm and we request all attendees to arrive in plenty time and stick to the timetable of the event to allow everyone to fully participate.  This time allows the girls to stay back for an extra hour for an optional lunch (bringing their own).


What are the benefits of attending?

At the end of our workshop, attendees gain:

  • More confidence in themselves
  • Better ability to deal with challenging situations they’ll encounter
  • Coping strategies for when life’s curve balls hits them away from home
  • Practical strategies to help them keep perspective when they feel scared or lost
  • Powerful tools to handle pressure as they reach for their dreams in a social ‘perfect’ instagram society


Disclaimer: We are not psychologists or doctors or counsellors or coaches. We offer a fresh, real life and empowered perspective. Please keep this in mind before booking.


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